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BRAEDON GARRET MUSIC offers a suite of services in the music and audio-post industries.

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With a widespread range of experience, Braedon Garret and his team cater to the needs of recording artists, songwriters, students, music venues, TV and movie productions, and many other industry professionals alike. Contact us to gain access to top industry expertise and specialized environments to ensure the highest quality of service and sound.


“Braedon Garret works efficiently and compassionately with many different personality types, encouraging and supporting people emotionally as well as musically, so that they perform to the best of their ability. We have no hesitation in giving Braedon Garret our highest recommendation.”

- Eric Mattila and Peter Paolucci, The Coyotes

“A lot of people praised Braedon Garret for his maintenance skills, and I am here to report that he is the best! I have a Strat that's a bit of a pain, and Braedon made it feel and play better than it ever has. […] It was also very reasonably priced, the turn-around was very quick, and he's a super nice dude!"

- Ted Turner, guitar repair client

“Braedon is a passionate musician and teacher, a passion which is contagious. Thanks to him, what I originally thought may be a short-lived curiosity in guitar has developed into a life-long interest in music.”

- Sandra Montgomery, student



Music Production - Recording - Mixing

Braedon Garret has extensive experience working with a talented array of artists. We can house and develop any musical project, utilizing the benefits of three professional studios. A studio is selected based on the needs and location of the client.


ADR - Voiceovers - Animation - Foley

Braedon has worked with some of Canada’s finest engineers and voice-talent in many areas of the audio-post industry. We run comfortable and efficient sessions, always delivering your material on time. To this date, we’ve never been late.


Performances For Any Venue

Having performed in hundreds of live shows with a wide range of bands, Braedon Garret can provide an eclectic selection of live music entertainment. Our team can offer an assortment of different bands with a range of repertoires to suit any setting.


Piano - Guitar - Bass - Vocal - Theory

Braedon Garret has 8 years of private teaching experience. We strongly believe that each student needs a personalized lesson plan developed in conjunction with their unique skills and goals. Lessons are available for all ages. Male and female teachers available.


Instrument Repair & Maintenance

Working musicians know that wooden instruments need a lot of care and attention to remain in tip-top shape and uphold peak playability. With seasoned technical proficiency, we can help whether your instrument needs a minor tweak or you need to refurbish an antique.


Fully Equipped Space In Aurora, ON

A large sound-treated room with an attached kitchen provide for a comfortable and professional practice environment. Gear in house includes a PA system with 10 inputs, Tama drums, Fender guitar amps, Peavey bass amp, and a Yorkville keyboard amp.


Pro Tools 10
Pro Tools 12
Logic X
CakeWalk Sonar X1
Cubase 5
Final Cut Pro

Digidesign 192 X2
Digidesign 002 Console
Focusrite Saffire
M-Audio Fast-Track Ultra
Lexicon Lambda
Radial ProAV2 DIs

SOTA 750 Mains
SOTA Near-Fields
Rokit 5 G3
M-Audio BX5A
RBH 2-Way Monitors


Tama Imperial Star Drum Kit
Many Drum Kits Available Upon Request*
Sabian Cymbals
Huge collection of authentic percussion instruments from countries around the world!

Williams Co. Baby Grand Piano
Hammond Organ
Leslie Cabinet
Akai MPK88 Keyboard
Korg PS60 MIDI Keyboard

Fender American Telecaster
Fender American Stratocaster
Ibanez ArtCore AS73
Ibanez Roadstar Series 2
Ibanez RG450
Brian May Red Special MK1
Brian May Red Special MK2
Peavey American Fury Bass
Ibanez SR300 bass
Taylor 114E Acoustic
Seagull Vintage S6 Acoustic
Strunel 9-string acoustic
Washburn Banjo
Kala Tenor, Concert, Soprano Ukuleles
Various orchestral instruments available!

Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp
Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp
Marshall AVT50 Guitar Amp
Marshall 1960A 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
Birdie MX-100R Guitar Amp
Peavey Mark VI Bass Amp
Genz Benz Shuttle 3.0 Bass Amp
Genz Benz 1x10 Bass Cabinet
Doyle 1x15 Bass Cabinet
Traynor 2x15 Bass Cabinet
Yorkville Keyboard Amp
Fender Passport 500Pro
Guitar pedal paradise available!

A wide selection of microphones available at every studio location. NEUMANN - AKG - SHURE - SENNHEISER


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